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Sperlous Porphyry rock mine in Isfahan province is located in the route of Ardestan Tutkan, with geographical coordinates according to the table below. By more than 600,000 tons of proven reserve, this mine is one of the largest Porphyry rock mines of its kind in Isfahan province and in Iran. Sperlous porphyry rock mine comprises various color range in three main colors red, green and gray. The tonality of these rocks contains one of the most unique colors among surrounding mines. Sperlous porphyry rock Industries Company is a leading company in producon of all kinds of rocks with Porphyry textures for architectural and urban consumpons. This company has always been trying to produce unique products with opmal producon and exploitaon of mines. The main products of Sperlous industry is high quality rocks. These rocks are mainly used in architecture and urban uses, such as lining of pavement rocks, paos, floor covering and courtyards. The unique texture and features of this high-quality rock have always aracted the aenon of architects and urban planners, since they can be cut in different dimensions and have good strength to abrasion, erosion and weathering, Moreover, they have special and remarkable colors and textures. In the maer of dimensions, the producon range of Sperlous rocks includes brick shape and so-called cubic rocks, which ranges in size, from 2 * 2 to 20 * 20 cm with different thicknesses, as well as lengths of 40 and 60 cm in green color and lengths of 40 and 60 cm in Sumac color with it is of different thicknesses.



one of the types of rocks that is very high in the process of formation in the earth is very high, which is the layered board of rocks. This formation of rock under heat and high pressure and heat ground processes cause large crystals in the rock, which gives it a unique appearance. If we look at rock, we can observe the existence of quartz crystals and various types of quartz crystals in this type of rocks. These crystals are also formed under the processes of thermal ground and the crystallization of minerals. due to the length of the formation of this type of rocks, the size of these crystals is larger and about 2 mm. It is to be mentioned that the process of forming this type of rocks is a bi - combinatorial process. It is made as both external and endogenous igneous. The hot melt on the outside of the volcano is rapidly cooled, and is used to form this type of glass crystals. Also, on the other hand, magma is combined with the constitutive properties of the rock and their slow cooling leads to the formation of cristalize rocks with the porphyry tissue. It dates back to ancient Egyptians, and these people use these stones that have specific texture and designs to decorate the houses and buildings. Since ancient Rome and since architecture and city in Europe also flourished, the stones were also used for stone stone, and this is widely used today. There are many different types of rocks in the world whose name is made from the seeds of large crystals inside the sand rock. They are found in several main forms, including granite.




One of the most important applications of high-quality porphyry pavement rock is in architecture and urban planning. These rocks include various utilizations such as; sidewalks, courtyards and covering floors with respect to the high erosion resistance and stability against environmental factors such as heat, coldness, expansion and contraction. Porphyry Sperlous rocks also have valuable features such as anti-slip surface, from the urban planning point of view. In addition, from the perspective of aesthetics, these rocks have a unique texture, and their material allows them to be cut into different dimensions for different applications.

Shear types

To cut off these rocks, they operate in two ways: first split the split rocks with mechanical failures to pieces with uneven edges, which are supplied to different geometrical shapes, thus clearing the edges of the stones and breaking them.

Architectural point of view

From the architectural and city point of view, one of the major uses of rocks in the streets and as the flooring is. This kind of use refers to the expression of the urban culture of that area. porphyry rocks are one of the best and most valuable stones for this purpose. A slight rugged texture also has high resistance to cold and heat and water, including the advantages of these rocks. The possibility of cutting into different dimensions and shapes and unique segregation of rocks makes them an excellent choice for paved stone. These rocks will be cut for use in the form of cube, which is also easy to be done in terms of layout. It is also used for uses such as historical sites and to induction old tissue.

unique features
* Invulnerable for people's health and general anatomy

One of the unique features of the rocks of this mine is their smoother surface compared to the existing rocks. Common pavement rocks can cause damage to the human’s waist and spine due to their serrated and jagged surface. On the contrary, smoother surface of Porphyry Sperlous rocks make it possible to walk on it easier and preventing damages to the spine and joints, which has many physiological and long-term benefits. Considering the pavement rocks is always a place for commuters to stroll and walk, the physiological privileges of the Porphyry Sperlous rock is magnified.

* Physical-chemical properties

Among the main physical and chemical properties of the rocks of this mine, which makes it one-of-a-kind from other rocks is variety of colors and tonality, such as green, sumac and gray. In addition, the rocks of this mine have high silica and quartz mineralization causing features such as abrasion resistance, weathering resistance and resistance to severe atmospheric conditions. Furthermore, the presence of quartz and silica makes the rocks more favorable in the cutting and processing stage, and the output of the rocks will be better for utilization.

Advantages of Porphyry Sperlous rocks

• The intrinsic consistency and long-term strength of these rocks in harsh weather conditions, long-term hardness in severe climatic conditions, and preventing from discoloration of pavement rock
• The hardness of the lining surface and the non-slip surface of the rock makes it possible to use this rock for public places and landscaping of streets in many countries with cold climate conditions such as Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, etc.
• Unwillingness to laminate and cracking, especially in severe (hot or freezing) climate conditions
• The strength and stability of pavement rocks have been employed since the ancient Roman Empire to the present
• high strength to chemical agents
• Beautiful nature of rock and flexibility in design

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